Avocando Cascais – 5 Things That Happen if you go there Daily

New In Town, Avocando Cascais, beautiful little restaurant, has a wide range of tasty dishes with… Avocado
 (can’t complain the name was misleading )Avocando cascais
The Theme of the place, was not the most appealing to me, but because the restaurant looked good, decided to Google: “Benefits of Avocado” and stuff like this came up:
5 Things That Happen When You Eat Avocado Every Day
1-Your cholesterol improves
2-You have better digestion
3-You get protection from disease and infection
4-You’ll sleep better
5-You’ll have a natural glow
    original article by Readers Digest (here)

Try it yourself, Great place, Yummy Stuff indeed !

Address: Rua Alexandre Herculano 82 , 2750-079 Cascais Avocando cascais 2
Telef: +351 214862289

Opens from  Tuesday to Sunday – 12h00m to 15h00 and 19h00 to 23h00

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