The Best outdoor Terraces & Esplanades in Cascais

The Best outdoor Terraces & Esplanades in Cascais.
8 Great terraces with nice outdoor seating to enjoy the best views of Cascais.
For 2021, we learned that we need to spend more time outside and in the sun with friends (without staring at our mobile phones 📵) !
The list, bellow, includes some spectacular viewpoints and perfect spots 🌅 for all those who want to celebrate life in Cascais and enjoy an unforgettable afternoon in good company.

1- Bar do Guincho 🍔 🍺 – one of “10 Best beach bars in Portugal” by The Guardian

2- Casa da Guia 🍕 🥢 – 6 Restaurants, 3 Cafés ☕️ and around 20 little shops, one of those imperative stopping places.

3- Monte Mar Cascais 🐟  (*) Fresh Fish and Sea food 🦐 in an exceptional location.

4- Furnas do Guincho 🐟 Incredible Esplanade with Great Fish and Sea food 🦀 !

5- Alcatruz ☕️ 🥗 – 180º panoramic views, an off-the-beaten-track kind of place (more here)

6- House of Wonders  🥙  – rooftop terrace & gallery with Vegeterian tapas 🥑, salads, Tea…

7- Reserva da Villa  🍷 🥩 – Lunch, haute cuisine, sitting outside for a perfectly-sun-splashed table

8- Bar do Fundo 🦐 🍺 – spectacular location with great food (in Sintra, 20 kms from Cascais, but I promise, you will love it )

(*)Disclaimer: in this particular subject, the writer of this blog is biased as he also works for this specific restaurant. Double check before trusting me 😊

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