-Mister Pizza – New location but an old Cascais Tradition

Cozy italian restaurant with wonderful Pizzas.
The old Mister Pizza (opened in 1986) had, probably, the best Pizzas in Cascais.
After some years closed, Mister Pizza re-opens in a new location and so tradition can go on, eat those Great pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven.
Try the Pizza Calzone !

Mister Pizza cascais

price: €€€

Did you Know: The owner, Wolfram “Dick” Kaminke, was a striker in the Bundesliga, played in FC Kaiserslautern 1965/67 together with Otto Rehhagel.
(we hope Mr Kaminke doesn’t invite Mr Otto Rehhagel to visit his restaurant.
We still did not forget he was the coach of Greece when they beat Portugal in the final of the Euro2004)

About Pizzas (I am sure you didn’t know!):
Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza a day, you don’t need the calculator now, that’s about 350 slices per second !! (more Pizza Fun Facts- here)

(closed on Mondays)
Address:Rua da Torre, 1155 F – 2750-768 Cascais
Telf: +351 210996296

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