Rua Amarela / Yellow Street – Restaurant District Cascais

Rua Amarela / Yellow Street – Restaurant District Cascais
10 small Restaurants in this Yellow streets with different types of food & great atmosphere.
3 streets were Closed, instead of cars, there are now tables in the freshly painted yellow streets creating the so called Yellow Neighborhood / Bairro Amarelo.
Plenty to choose from:
.Taberna Clandestina: Wine and Tapas  + details
.La Contessa – Carpaccio House : carpaccio & tartare  + details
.Malacopa Taco-Bar: Mexican Food & Drinks 🍸 🍹 + details 
.Moules & Gin : Mussels, Meat & Gin  + details
.Hamburgueria do Bairro : 🍔 Famous Gourmet Burguers + details
. Soya Noodle Bar : 🥢 Asian fusion restaurant + here
.The Grill Steakhouse : 🥩 Meat restaurant site
.SOUK Mercado do Mundo :  an Eclectic gastro-shop  here
. Extremo Oriente :  Chinese food
.Confraria Pop Up : Sushi 🥢 
.+ New restaurant to open soon

Address: Rua Alexandre Herculano, rua Afonso Sanches, Ruas Nova da Alfarrobeira,
Yellow Neighborhood / Bairro Amarelo in center of Cascais,
⌚️Opened from 12h00 to  23h00

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