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Residente Cascais: New @ Yellow Street

Residente Cascais – Latest Arrival on Yellow Street Residente Cascais, opened in January 2024, has taken its place on my favorite street: Yellow Street (Rua Amarela). I had to try many things just to...


Guimas Cascais👩‍🍳 Rio de Janeiro in Cascais

Guimas Cascais Restaurante: Culinary Legacy from Rio to Cascais Guimas, est. 1981 in Rio de Janeiro by friends Chico Mascarenhas, Priscilla, Ricardo Guimarães and Tintim. blends Portuguese flair, attracting artistic figures. The name is derived...


5 New & Surprising Restaurants in Cascais

5 New & Surprising Restaurants in Cascais – 20232023 brought many (good) Surprises to Cascais including new and exciting restaurants that have enriched the dining scene.Join me as I share five of my favorite...