30 Reasons to fall in love with Cascais

30 (great) Reasons to fall in love with Cascais (by TimeOut) 
During the lockdown period many have done huge bucket lists, where to go 🌎, that’s when I thought some people might consider other places besides Cascais.
I started to be a little worried, almost in panic, then I came across the genius article by TimeOut30 reasons to fall in love with Cascais” !
Check bellow the list and start preparing your trip to Cascais and your To Do List !
( Read the Full article here 📰)

  1. People will greet you with arms wide open
  2. Live life as if it was summer all year long
  3. There is a district full of museums 🎨
    .12 museums very close by: Museum Quarter/ Bairro dos Museus
  4. You get to know one of the country’s oldest general stores…
  5. … and another general store that sells the best china in the nation
  6. A natural solarium where it is never, ever windy 🌞
  7. You can check all the beaches out and pick your favourite in the end
    I like these ⛱ : Praia da Rainha & Guincho Beach
  1. Cascais is a hub for urban art
  2. There is an all-ages skate park 🛹
    Parque das Gerações (“Generations Park” Skate park)
  1. Peerless hot dogs for sale  (my favorite🌭: here)
  2. There’s a dune up for interpretation (Duna Cresmina)
  3. The historic centre is very photogenic... 📸
  4. …and there are several cottages and palaces more than 100 years old  –Visit: Casa de Santa Maria
  1. The town is an open air fitness centre 🏋🏻‍♀️
  2. The mouth of hell is here
  3. In a fishing town, you can have the best fish in the world 🐟
  4. There is a lot more than fresh produce at the town market
  5. There’s a still- operating 1882 tide gauge
  6. You can shop in a 19th century palace 🏰
    Casa da Guia (6 Restaurants, 3 Cafés + 20 little shops)
  1. There’s a lighthouse renovated by top architects
  2. Fishing traditions go beyond food
    visit a wonderful Lighthouse: Farol Museu de Santa Marta
  3. You don’t need to own a boat to go to the Marina 🛥️
  4. Travel to the past in various forts
    visit an old fort turned into a museum: S. Jorge de Oitavos
  5. Local street commerce still thrives
  6. There’s a street that becomes a gastronomical hub 🍽 🥂
    Bairro Amarelo / Yellow Street – Restaurant District Cascais
  7. Cascais is not all about Cascais
    take a look at Estoril
  8. The visitors centre is also an arts and crafts store
  9. Cascais is the 2018 European Youth Capital
  10. The summer home of Portuguese kings is open to the public 👑
    Take a look at the Museum of the Presidency of the Republic
  1. The perfect view that will make a great memento
    “Paredão” – walk the Promenade Cascais-Estoril)

🧐 Its worth taking your time to read the full article, wonderfully written by TimeOut:

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