7 Reasons to KILL your TV !

After going through more than 1000 days without TV, It became official:
My TV is DEAD !!kill tv now

7 BIG Reasons to KILL your TV !!
1- Better MOOD because you will go to bed earlier !

2- Become Fit/FASTER/ Stronger, now you have a little time + you need the exercise for a better sleep.
3- New Official EXCUSE to go to the Pub (ohh that important Football Match…)
 4- You will start READING More (List of my favorite Books)
5- Become a more POSITIVE Person (enough of those News Feeding your Negativity)
6- Develop a New SKILL or just listening to Music or practice of Mindfulness
7- Opportunity to EXPLORE wonderful places like CASCAIS (TO DO in Cascais- some ideas)

The “Death of my TV” brought great & unexpected surprises things into my live.
Not easy, old habits die hard , but the Rewards are too BIG!
All those hours watching TV are not making you any smarter…kill your tv today cascais

Just 30-45 Minutes per day, w/o TV, can do Miracles to your life !

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