7 Things You Realise When You Visit Cascais by ‘Hand Luggage Only’

When you are in Love, everything seems beautiful.   (I´ve heard )
So, I understand, if you don’t trust everything I write about Cascais.
But you can trust 100% this article by  ‘Hand Luggage Only’
cascais train

 Here´s what they wrote:
7 Things You Realise When You Visit Cascais In Portugal For The First Time !
1)    The train ride from Lisbon to Cascais takes like 30 minutes, leaves approximately every 20 minutes and costs only €2.60!
2)    There’s a beach pretty much everywhere you turn here. The further out you go, the more dramatic the beaches but you have no shortage of beaches regardless of wherever you are in the town.
3)    Seafood is a pretty big deal here. It’s a coastal town so this makes sense and they know how to cook up a delicious seafood feast.
4)    The tiled streets are pretty fantastic here – definitely an excuse to ‘get lost’ in the pretty streets of the town.
5)    This is the real birthplace of James Bond. Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond books while living in Cascais and was inspired by many of the sights here.
6)    There’s no shortage of dramatic cliffside scenery here!
7)    Due to the fact that Portugal was neutral during World War 2, and given Cascais’ beautiful seaside appeal, Cascais was home to many Royal families and aristocrats in Europe.
Check full article + Great pictures: here

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