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Cascais Seen by a Localjpc
My name is JoĆ£o, born in 1979 (100 years after Albert Einstein šŸ˜œ),
IĀ lived all my lifeĀ inĀ CascaisĀ but my work forces me to travel a lot during the year. This made me realizeĀ how luckyĀ I amĀ to live in Cascais!
I am truly grateful to live here.
Cascais is a place that inspires me enormously, I even wrote my own book šŸ“—:Ā hereĀ 
37 Hacks for Personal GrowthšŸš€

cascais bay

picture taken before another morning Run

Lisbon is OK, we forgive you, if you go there,Ā  we also go there sometimes (they have the Airportāœˆļø)Ā but Cascais is “Cascais”…(Sorry,Ā there is noĀ superior “adjective”…)

After my morning run, hadĀ an inspiration moment, and wrote this poem āœšŸ» :
Cascais you are a Dream
Why are you so beautiful?
Oh, I want to scream
Forget it, IĀ“m not a foolĀ Ā  !
(admit it, before the last line, you almost cried !)

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Approach and landing @ Lisbon Airport:
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