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Cascais Seen by a Localjpc

My name is João, born in 1979 (which is exactly 100 years after Albert Einstein),
I lived all my life in Cascais but my work forces me to travel a lot during the year. This made me realize how lucky I am to live in Cascais!

cascais bay

picture taken before another morning Run

Lisbon is OK, we forgive if you go there,  we also go there sometimes (they have the Airport) but Cascais is “Cascais”…(Sorry, there is no superior “adjective”…)

During  my jogging, in an inspiration moment, I wrote this poem:
Cascais you are a Dream
Why are you so beautiful?
Oh, I want to scream
Forget it, I´m not a fool   !
(admit it, before the last line, you almost cried !)

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Approach and landing @ Lisbon Airport:
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