Burgues – Portuguese Burgers

Burguês – Hamburgueria Portuguesa
If you are a fan of those old style homemade Burgers 🍔 , this is the place.
Opened only in December 2013 and became quickly a big success among locals!


price: €€

My favorite Burguer is called “Alto Gabarito” 🤤!
It is a great Burger indeed but with big downside, it makes me go running, a lot!
(i can’t quit these Burgers, so I have to go running after- a whole  new meaning for “eat and run”)

This place has the same owners as Restaurant “Pateo dos Petiscos“, next-door, with the same wonderful & unpretentious Atmosphere!

Telef ☎️: +351 214036487
Address:  Travessa das Amoreiras, 2750 Cascais

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