House of Wonders – the Cafe/Galeria Rooftop Terrace

terrace House of Wonders CascaisA different place to spend a relaxing time overlooking Cascais from a charming Terrace.
This house is a mix of art Gallery with a Cafe where you can have a Tea or drink Wine and eat homemade food like Vegeterian tapas, quiches, pies, stuffed courgettes and salads.
The owner, from Holland,  Anna Catharina,  serves everyday different cakes cooked with biological ingredients!

did you know ?
The name “House of Wonders” comes from Zanzibar (Tanzania), where Anna lived (she lived in Many Places!). 
The “House of Wonders”, in Zanzibar, is a Palace built in XIX century, famous because it was the 1st building to have electricity, and also the 1st building in East Africa to have an elevator.

Telef: +351 91 170 2428
Address: Largo de Misericordia, Cascais 2750-348, Portugal
(very close to the main pedestrian Street: Rua Frederico Arouca )

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