Jézebel- the Disco of Estoril & Cascais

The Best night of Cascais is Saturday and Jézebel is the place! jezebel
In 2019, Jezebel will celebrate 15th sucessful seasons.
 (Closed during summer season ; during Summer go to Tamariz)
If you go early, it won’t have many people but you can enjoy the New Gin Bar.
Later, the disco is great with different DJ´s and many people from Cascais and Lisbon.xico

Paco del Canto, Zaragoza Legend, is a regular customer of the house.

To know all about the Best parties &  Agenda w/DJs : click here

Because the shots served here might have interfered in my evaluation, here is a video to make everything more credible :

(Next door to Casino Estoril)
Open every Friday and Saturday
Closed during summer season for a good reason called Tamariz

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