KAPPO Japanese Cuisine Cascais

KAPPO Japanese Cuisine Cascais- The essence of Japan in your table 🥢
Chef Tiago Penão
This new restaurant opened in July 2021 and is already a success!

I confess I had to Google: “What is Japanese Kappo cuisine?
Michelin Guide showed me the answer:

“Kappo simply means ‘to cut and to cook’,  a less formal cuisine that emphasizes the proximity between the diner and the chef who is cutting and cooking the food!”
“ Kappo is a multi-course meal that is left entirely up to the chef. “

This place is Great but it ain’t cheap!
Coco Chanel, once said:
The best things in life are free. The second best things are very expensive.”  BUT, don’t be afraid 😬, in Portugal nothing is too expensive, check the MENU: Here

JOKE : Why did the sushi chef go broke?
Because he had too many “raw” expenses! 😂

Address: Avenida Emídio Navarro nº 23A,  2750- 337 Cascais
☎️ Telef: + 351 21 484 4122  / RESERVAS@KAPPO.PT
🔪🔪🔪 www.instagram.com/kappo.cascais/

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