3 Reasons to try Meditation in Cascais

Vacations are made to Relax and Cool down from a stressful life.meditation cascais yoga
Why not, bring that Inner Peace back home and hold it for a long time? 🧘

3 Reasons Why you should try Meditation in Cascais:
1) During vacation, it’s impossible to come up with that classical excuse “I have no time”!
2) Cascais & Sintra have unique places that will inspire you to find Inner Calm.
3) A great Teacher, Sara , Yoga & Meditation Pro, who will teach easy take-home techniques.

Private Meditation Class: 60 Euros (teacher will meet you at your location)
Book a Lesson and the odds are that you will continue doing Meditation for a long time.

Still not convinced? Check this out 🙂 :
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Do you think Meditation is too EASY and want another challenge ? 🏄‍♂️
It’s time to try:  Paddle Board Yoga – SUP Yoga Cascais

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