One Perfect Day in Cascais

2019 was a Great year! 2020 & 2021 maybe not as bad as we think (🤔 99 Good News Stories From 2020 You Probably Didn’t Hear About ) but now its time to think about the Future ! 
A perfect year starts with a perfect day, and then another, and another…
(I know, I know, keep dreaming 🚀)
But what would be a perfect day for a Local in Cascais ?
It’s very tough to decide when the days have only 24 hours and there is so many things I love to do in Cascais. (the other option was to write a Huge list and make this post boring).

Bellow the parts I can tell about my perfect day in Cascais

—Wake up early, after sleeping 8 hours, get on the Bike, ride the Guincho road 🚴‍♂️(has view to Cabo da Roca)  until Malveira da Serra and return to the historic center of Cascais.

—Having Breakfast at Kafeine Marina☕ALL-DAY-Brunch🍳

— noticed there is No Wind, so it’s perfect to go to Guincho beach⛱️ to relax and have Lunch at Bar do Guincho.
( considered by “The Guardian” one of the10 Best beach bars in Portugal”.)

—Going home, but on the way, stop at “Boca do Inferno” at the famous Hot Dog Kiosk to eat the unrivaled 🌭”Hot dog with everything” 🌭.

—Take 1 hour Siesta 😴 to recover from such a busy day (remember this is the perfect day).

Short Run on the Cascais-Estoril Promenade during sunset. (make sure to go until Azarujinha beach).

Dinner at Taberna Clandestina, small restaurant with excellent tapas.
(Other “small” restaurants I love: La Contessa Carpaccio House and Pateo dos Petiscos)

After dinner drinks at Hifen Bar & Restaurant, have excellent cocktails🍹and good atmosphere.

—Uber or Taxi to Jezebel Disco 💃🕺in Estoril or during the summer, Tamariz Disco, overlooking the beach, is the place to be.
— … 😊 ❤
— repeat

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