Surf Spot – Cabo Raso (don’t try this one, please!!)

It is said that Cascais is the perfect place for Surf 🏄‍♂️.
You learn to Surf in the nice waves of Carcavelos.
When you are Good, you go to Guincho. (sometimes can have big waves!)

Carcavelos and Guincho

Carcavelos  Beach              and         Guincho waves

If you are Crazy you surf in Cabo Raso, check this video:

Ruben Gonzalez, Surfer from Cascais, 4x National Champion
PS – once again, Don’t try this one , unless you have a Great health insurance!!!

If you want to have Surf Lessons, here are 4 good Surf Schools 🏄‍♂️:
Moana Surf School :  here
-RG Surf School & Academy: here
Outside Surf Project : here
Cascais Surf School & Camp:  here

More about Guincho Beach here
(Cabo Raso, the lighthouse,  just 2,5 km before arriving to Guincho)

Cabo Raso: 1972, 26th December: wreck of a Danish ship (Sea Star)

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