The Crafty Cellar-Cascais Craft Brewpub

The Crafty Cellar a place for crafty drinkers 🍻
The Crafty Cellar is a new Portuguese craft bar located in Cascais center.
They have All sorts of local Craft Beer 🍺  (also some mainstream beers, in case you don’t want to take “risks”)

This is a great place to see football with friends 📺(and to forget our team plays like sh*t) !

This brewpub is made for people who love to drink but if you want to eat something, they also have some Tasty Bites (those chicken wings have good reputation 🍗) BUT, don’t forget, Eating is cheating !

Address: Rua Visconde da Luz 12 , Cascais,
☎️ +351 962 800 847 / +351 211 398 094
Instagram: @craftycellar

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