Holy Wine Cascais – Natural Wine bar

Holy Wine Cascais , Natural wine Bar in Cascais 🍷
Holy Wine Cascais is a cozy spot dedicated to Natural wines (and tasty snacks)
curated by Anna Ivanova, a dedicated natural wine enthusiast.

The menu features a rotating selection of local & international wines,
to make sure you always try something new.
They offer wine by the glass 🍷 🍷
From rich Reds to refreshing Whites, and even unique Orange wines 🤯,
there’s something for every palate.

Visitors can also enjoy regular wine tastings 2x a month and laid-back weekend brunches.
Exploring the world of natural wines at Holy Wine Cascais

You didn’t ask, but my favorite wine is Red 🍷 just another similarity w/ the writer & genius. Fernando Pessoa who once said: ‘There was no wine, so I drank white.’ 🤣

Anna, the owner, a former food photographer

Address: Rua  Afonso Sanches 21A, 2750-282 Cascais
Closes 10 PM 🕰️
📞 Phone: +351 912 122 038

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