Celebrating 10 Years of LocalCascais.com

Celebrating 10 Years of LocalCascais.com 🥂 A Decade of Discovery !
10 things I discovered , some are a bit unexpected
(10 years, one per year, not a lot… 😅)

1New types of food:  10 years ago, I was mostly eating Hamburguers & Pizzas !
But I changed a bit & discovered some really healthy restaurants like: Local Healthy Kitchen
Also discovered one of my favorite restaurants ever: IZAKAYA – Japanesese Street Food !
BUT, “old habits die hard“, so 🍕 here my favorite Pizza in Cascais:  Lambretta Azurra

2– A Huge list of celebrities who visited Cascais:
I discovered that Cascais is a celebrity magnet 🧲
Top 10 Celebrities who visited Cascais
Unexpected Celebrities who played Golf in Cascais

3– Learned some IT stuff 🤯 How to create a blog, edit text & photos, insert videos, update software

4– Lots of openings , MANY new restaurants
10 years ago, some restaurants I love did not exist like:
Malacopa, Bougain, Maré,  El Clandestino , etc, etc

5– Learned about some cool service providers who can show you how to really explore Cascais 🕵️‍♀️:
. Boat Tour  ;  Trail Running Sintra ;  SUP Yoga 🏄

6– read some nice articles 📰 about cascais that gave me new perspective and new ideias.
Here are some of my favorite ones :
30 Reasons to fall in love with Cascais
9 Reasons You’ll NEVER Want To Leave CASCAIS

7– started doing Lists & Rankings 📋 w/ favorite restaurants
Top 10 Fish restaurants in Cascais
Top 7 Meat restaurants in Cascais  
Best Italian Restaurants in Cascais

8– Discovered some Secret Spots 🤫
Bar do Fundo 🦞  ⛱️
Casal Sta. Maria 🍷 the most western vineyards in Europe
Marea 🐟
Azenhas do Mar 🦐

9– Consistency is key, sometimes I felt like quitting but I didn’t !
As Vince Lombardi once said: “Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win
Need some motivation ? here are my favorite Books 📚

10start small and gradually introduce improvements  (improve texts, photos, articles, insert new videos)
My very first article was: Moules & Gin Restaurant

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