Hamburgueria do Bairro Cascais – the Famous Gourmet Burgers

Hamburgueria do Bairro 0pened in Cascais in the 19th of September 2014 !
 (19th Sept,  birthday of Jeremy Irons who was around for the movie “Night Train to Lisbon”)

hamburgueria do bairro cascaisThe hamburgers are top quality, a prime beef cooked perfectly medium rare!
There are 12 different types of Hamburgers to choose from, plus 4 vegetarian “burguers.”
I recommend the “Caco” burger and the drink “Brisa” (passion fruit fizzy)!

Two brohters, João e Diogo Branco, 33 & 34 years old, opened the first “Hamburgueria do Bairro” in Lisbon in 2012 and quickly became the most hyped “gourmet” burger in Lisbon !
This Huge Success gave them enough confidence to open in Cascais ! Welcome :-)

Address: Rua Alexandre Herculano, nº72 – Cascais 2750-284
(just in front of Dom Diniz Restaurant, here, another Great option)

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