Cabo da Roca – Windy, Dramatic, Raw Beauty

Cabo da Roca, just 15 Km from Cascais (heading North),
this cape is the Westernmost point of continental Europe has an unforgettable view over the Atlantic Ocean from 150m above the sea!

This place was believed to be the edge of the world up until the 14th century (it still is, for most of us in Cascais 😊)

The Cabo da Roca lighthouse was the first purpose-built lighthouse in Portugal and was completed in 1772.

Civitatis, Travel Specialist, considered Cabo da Roca one of the 8 most beautiful lighthouses in the world , Nº2!
( Nº1 was Trinidad Lighthouse, California & Nº6 was Farol de Santa Marta in Cascais 🙌)

 With nice walking shoes 👟 it’s a great opportunity to walk along some hiking trails that will lead you to the unique Praia da Ursa Beach (1km, mentioned in Michelin guide as: “one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.”) and to Praia da Adraga ️  (2km, just a bit further but with a Fantastic Fish Restaurant 🦐 🐟)

Warning 🤳:  The cliffs around Cabo da Roca are slippery  and the strong winds are unpredictable! Please never go beyond the fences to take a photo   📸

6 Things To Do @ Cabo da Roca (by Daily Travel Pill , Aurelia Teslaru, a wonderful travel blogger)
#1 Admire the Lighthouse
#2 Head to the cross monument
#3 Explore the beaches surrounding Cabo da Roca
#4 Watch the sunset 🌅
#5 Search for amazing viewpoints at Cabo da Roca
#6 Head to the tourist information center … buy a small souvenir stating that you made it to Europe’s westernmost point.
Check full article here

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