Maré – Chef José Avillez @ Guincho

Maré the Restaurant by José Avillez, in Guincho, overlooking the sea 🌊!

José Avillez has opened Maré, a new restaurant in Cascais, adding another milestone to his impressive CV 🏆.
Throughout his career, Avillez has accumulated numerous accolades and Michelin stars, establishing himself as a leading figure in the culinary World. (not an overstatement✨)

The concept, at Maré, offers contemporary cuisine inspired by Portuguese and seafaring gastronomy.
The restaurant is located near the Atlantic Ocean and features marine-themed tiles and textured walls resembling sand drawings.

The Menu includes dishes influenced by Avillez’s travels and his other restaurants.
Traditional Portuguese dishes such as Rice, Cataplanas, and Açordas will be served, along with a raw bar for marinades.  (Here’s the MENU)

Filipe Pina, a long-time collaborator, oversees the kitchen.
Prices around €60-65 per person.

Little Joke 🦀
Why did the Crab never share his food?
Because he was a little shellfish! 😄

Telef 📞: (+351) 916001527
Address: Av. Nossa Senhora do Cabo 9000, 2750-374 Cascais 

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