Padel in Cascais: the Tennis-Squash hybrid

anybody can play even if you r more into ballet

Anybody can play, even if you’re more into ballet…

Try Padel Tennis in Cascais, much easier than Tennis and Great Fun.
Described by “The Telegraph”  “as a kind of tennis-squash hybrid” ,
“Played using over-sized ping-pong paddles on what is effectively a miniature tennis court surrounded by squash-like walls,
it’s widely considered to be the fastest growing sport in the world

Book a Lesson and Try Padel, here:
-Quinta da Marinha Racket Club
Address: Rua das Codornizes, 2750-685 Cascais

Telef: +351 21 486 9248

 -Clube de Tenis do Estoril
Address: : Avenida Condes de Barcelona, 2765-470 Estoril
Telef: +351 214662770 or +351 918626677  ;

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Padel was first played in 1969 in Mexico, spreading quickly to Argentina and Spain.
In Spain, Padel is now bigger than Tennis despite the efforts of superstars like Rafa Nadal!
jose maria aznar padel
José María Aznar (Spain’s Former Prime Minister) a big fan of Padel who helped to make this sport incredibly popular!

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