Sintra is one of the 101 Wonders of the World

Sintra is one of the 101 Wonders of the World in Lonely Planet Magazine. When the world’s largest travel guide publisher mentions SINTRA as 101 Wonders of the World means you must take this place (and my previous advice) a bit more seriously.

Not to be missed in 2020 are also attractions like the Great Wall of China, Mount Kilimanjaro, Sistine Chapel in the Vatican and the Egyptian Pyramids.  (I am sure this 4 unknown places are now celebrating, so happy to be included in the same pack as Sintra)

.Lonely Planet About Sintra:

The object of a thousand declarations of love”  (watch out, you don’t have to do this yourself, 1000 is enough)
looks like a fairy tale
exotic gardens and gleaming palaces

.Lonely Planet Highlights:
Pena Palace :  5 more Reasons to Visit Pena Palace (Here)
Quinta da Regaleira
-the historic houses, views from the Serra
-the ruins of the Moorish Castle.

.To Eat & Drink Lonely Planet recomends:
Café Saudade : favorite teahouse in Sintra (Why? Check it out here)
INcomum By Luís Santos
Nau Palatina

For Best Places to SLEEP, Lonely Planet mentions:
– Moon Hill Hostel
– Sintra 1012 Boutique Guest House
– Villa Mira Longa

In this publication you will find  “101 wonderful landscapes” and the best ways to visit them without going bankrupt 😊

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