Top 10 Celebrities who visited Cascais

Top 10 Famous Celebrities who visited Cascais .
It’s almost impossible to do a Top 10 of Famous Celebrities who visited Cascais for 2 Reasons:
–Cascais is beautiful and has 650+ years of History, so there is a huge number of famous people from around the world who did visit Cascais. (The Telegraph 📰 recently published an article about Cascais:The Hamptons of Portugal“)
–Many Celebrities have chosen to visit Cascais incognito, so I am not allowed to share
(but if you have a lot of money, please DM )

The task was VERY difficult so I decided to cheat… sorry !!
I plead guilty 😢!  I admit to have used ChatGPT (AI chatbot auto-generative system) to answer the question :
10 Famous people who have visited Cascais ?  “

  1. King Edward VIII 👑 of the United Kingdom, who spent his honeymoon in Cascais in 1937 with Wallis Simpson.
  2. Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels 🕵️ who frequently visited the region and drew inspiration from the luxurious lifestyle in Cascais for his books.
  3. The actress and singer Grace Kelly 👸🏼 who visited Cascais in 1956 to attend the Estoril Film Festival.
  4. The famous poet Lord Byron, who stayed in Cascais during his travels through Europe in the early 19th century.
  5. The artist Pablo Picasso 🎨 who visited Cascais in the 1950s and painted a portrait of his lover Dora Maar while staying in the area.
  6. The novelist and Nobel Prize winner José Saramago✍️who had a home in Lanzarote and used to spend time in Cascais during the summer months.
  7. The former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, who stayed in a luxurious villa in Cascais during the 1970s.
  8. The famous movie director Roman Polanski 📽️ who lived in a villa in Cascais during the 1990s.
  9. The Portuguese football star Eusébio da Silva Ferreira ⚽who used to live in Cascais and is considered a national hero in Portugal.
  10. The American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez🎤who visited Cascais in 2018 to perform at the MEO Marés Vivas music festival. 

But what about Cristiano Ronaldo?
–Isn’t he building his House in Cascais?
–Also, 550+ MILLION followers on Instagram isn’t enough to make the TOP 10 ?

Cristiano Ronaldo & wife @ Guincho beach 2018

Yes, all true, you are Right !
BUT, Cristiano Ronaldo is not included in the Top 10 because, by the time I wrote this article, the ChatGPT knowledge cutoff  was September 2021!!
So you have to wait Cristiano 🐐 , just for once !

⛳There is a BIG List of Celebrities who played Golf in Cascais🏌
Morgan Freeman, Bill Clinton , Ayrton Senna 🏎️, Carlos Alcaraz 🎾,  Alice Cooper 🎸, Jack Ma 🤑
Check complete list and which courses they played: here

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